About JW Corporation

Where there's a choice,
there's hope.

JW EcoTechnology is a product of the Ding Tai Co., Ltd., and a 10-year pioneering effort in eco-friendly pavement landscaping. Our mission is to bring a new hope to combat the deleterious and grim effects of decades of urban/suburban sprawl, an unbridled spread of stifling concrete and pavement that produces runoff flooding, drought, greenhouse gas, heat island phenomena and rampant pollution.

JW Ecotechnology allows private and city planners to landscape roads, plazas, parks, sidewalks with truly permeable, breathable surfaces that provide a harmonious cohabitation with the earth’s natural subsurface to sustain a living and breathing eco-system.

JW Ecotechnology is the brainchild of Jui Wen Chen, a highly decorated and respected innovator in EcoTechnology who has spent years developing a unique surface technology that has been acknowledged and hailed as one of the most significant “Green” achievements of our time.

JW EcoTechnology also answers the call that other pervious pavement methodologies fail to address - and that is long-term performance and low maintenance under heavy-loads, as well as providing a suitable eco-habitat with the Earth subsurface.

It’s a new day, new hope, with new directions. JW is already on that road with hundreds of installations, with maintenance-free performance exceeding 10 years. We invite you to visit our "Case Studies" and see why our Passion makes Perfect.