JW Pavement EcoTechnology

Flood Prevention & Water Management

One of the greatest advantages that JW Pavement EcoTechnology has over Pervious Pavements, is the rate at which water can be removed from the surface. Think about your shower, and the amount of water a small drain hole can remove from a torrent of cascading water from a showerhead - this concept is magnified by the number of drain pipes per unit of area (100 pores/sq meter) in the Aqueduct assembly, providing an astonishing water displacement rate of 12,557 mm/hr.

Water from the first large rainfalls are percolated down through the layers of gravel and accumulates there, forming a temporary underground storage reservoir- the water then gradually disperses into the soil over a wide area, settling into a natural ground water reservoir. This process greatly reduces the accumulation of water, saturation and subsequent flooding.

This ground water can be used for secondary water usage (watering plants, lawns, car wash etc.), and access can be as simple as turning on a faucet on an embankment.

JW Pavement EcoTechnology also can be adapted to underground water catchment containers and serve other creative purposes to conserve and re-use valuable water resources, especially in drought stricken areas.

Carbon Capture