JW Pavement EcoTechnology

Green alternative for Urban/Suburban pavement landscaping


JW Pavement EcoTechnology is a revolutionary green alternative to conventional urban/suburban lanscape environments. This technology is classified as “Structural Pervious Pavement” and has significant advantages over conventional asphalt pavement and more recent “Pervious Pavement” alternatives.

Asphalt Pavement - The Problem

Conventional asphalt pavement offers absolutely no surface absorption and rainwater runoff must be managed by miles of gutters, pipes and drainage facilities. The subsurface of asphalt pavement becomes arid and lifeless, creating regions of imbalance with surrounding natural environments - this has led to habitat turmoil such as flooding, drought, pollution and metropolitan heat island phenomenon.

Pervious Pavement - The Solution, sort of ...

As early as 1970’s certain countries (USA, European and Japanese) began addressing some of these problems, especially surface water accumulation, skid resistance and even noise reduction. Currently, “Pervious” pavement (e.g. pervious concrete, pervious asphalt) is quite widely implemented in these countries - it is defined as pavement materials that have a certain degree of porosity and allow absorption of water and expiration of moisture and air. However, “Pervious” pavement has drawbacks - this material compromises porosity for structural stability - the porous fabric of these materials naturally weakens it’s structural integrity, thus limiting its use to walkways and plazas. This is a “permeation” methodology and is not a “drainage” methodology, which means its water absorption rate is still limited by it’s porosity, unlike your “drain” in your shower, which is an unencumbered water flow. Finally, these materials become less porous over time, becoming occluded (congested) with surface dust, dirt and debris, even with regular maintenance.

Structural Pervious Pavement - The Answer

JW Pavement EcoTechnology is new type of Structural Pervious Pavement that answers the call that previous technologies could not, in whole, address - that is, bearing high loads, low maintenance, durability and sustainable subsurface ecohabitat. It has a remarkable feature that allows the surface to literally breath, circulating air/moisture (evapotranspiration) and moderating temperatures. Read on and learn about this facinating and game changing “Greenovation” that is already making its mark in the world.